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  • Introduction of Rapid response System in L&DD Service Delivery --- Secretary L&DD
  • Semen Production and Processing in private and Public Sector should be according to Animal Breeding Act 2013 -- Secretary L&DD (See detail in side news)
  • Punjab, Turkey government sign MOU for cooperation in Livestock sector (See detail below)
  • Turkish Delegation visiting L&DD Department Punjab (See Detail below)
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Livestock & Dairy Development Department

Livestock & Dairy Development Department (established 1973) caters to the requirements of livestock sector in the province. Livestock is increasingly becoming a very important sector of national economy, contributing even more than all the other agricultural crops combined. Livestock & Dairy Development Department strives to ensure growth and development of livestock sector in the province thus contributing to national food security, economic uplift, rural development, poverty alleviation, employment generation and foreign exchange earning. Role and objectives of the Livestock & Dairy development Department are manifest in its following mission statement.


Support livestock development in a policy environment that enables farmers to realize the dividends of livestock farming by smartly deploying public investments in core public goods & inducing privatecapital / initiative in the sector for poverty alleviation, food security & generation of exportable surpluses



Poverty alleviation by supporting livestock subsistence farmers & women organize, empower & hand hold.


Productivity enhancement through improved genetics, balanced nutrition & careful husbandry.


Better functioning markets and regulatory regime.


Private enterprise development to optimally realize potential of livestock assets.


Provision of quality products (dairy & meat) for domestic consumers & export market apply research & technology.

Punjab Government
Ch Muhammad Sarwar
Governor Punjab
Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif
Chief Minister Punjab
Ch. Muhammad Arshad Jatt
Special Assistant to CM Punjab
Sahibzada Ghulam Nizamuddin Sialvi
Parliamentary Secretary Livestock Punjab
Mr. Nasim Sadiq
Secretary Livestock Punjab
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Turkish Delegation visiting L&DD Department Punjab
Sect. LDD presiding over dept. oriantation meeting
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