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Established in 1962, on the recommendations of the Food & Agriculture Commission, appointed by the Government of Pakistan, the Livestock & Dairy Development Department was re-organized and the Directorate of Livestock Farms was created at Provincial Level (West Pakistan) and given the responsibility to improve the performance of livestock and to conduct research on problems relating to production. So active functioning and commissioning of the new farms started in 1962.  





The Directorate of Livestock Farms was established at Provincial level (West Pakistan).


Some seed Farms and Rakhs were transferred to this Directorate for establishment of Livestock Experiment Stations.


Five tenants livestock farms were transferred from Punjab Livestock, Poultry and Dairy Development Board to this Directorate.




& 2005-06:

The Admn. Control of 7 farms has been transferred to 3 newly created directorate.



Aims / Objectives  


Preservation of pure local breeds of Cattle, Buffalo, Sheep and Goat of the Province


Production and raising of candidate bull calves / pedigreed bulls, Rams and Bucks


Provision of better quality males and females


Provision of animals for progent testing program


As adaptive research stations for adopting newly evolving techniques in the field of livestock and fodder production


For trial and testing of veterinary medicines and biologics


To provide and extend research facilities to various research and teaching organizations of the province


Mission Statement







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