Livestock & Dairy Development Department | Punjab

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  • Orders for VO (BPS-17) promoted as SVOs (BPS-18) have been issued. Visit download page...!
  • Sanction of 144 on khal banola & Lali Bird
  • Duties assign to the cattle attendants, Drivers , VAs, SRs, LPAs at PTP, MVDs regarding to revamping of RCCSC. (See staff corner info page)
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  • Merit List updated 2016
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  • New Transfer Posting Order updates (See Disclosable info )
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List of Officials L&DD Department Punjab
Designation Officer's Name E-mail Address Contact Number
Secretary L&DD Mr. Naseem Sadiq 042-99210526
Fax: 042-99210529
Additional Secretary (Admin) Mr. Ashiq Hussain Dogar 042-99210533
Fax: 042-99211478
Additional Secretary (Technical) Dr. Muhammad Iqbal Shahid 042-99214277
Deputy Secretary (Planning) Mr. Khalid Mehmood Ch. 042-99210531
Deputy Secretary (Admin) Mr Irfan Khalid 042-99210530
Deputy Secretary (Technical)  Dr Usman Tahir 042-99214277
Deputy Secretary (Planning) 042-99210531
Director General (Research) Dr. Abdul Rauf 042-99220143
Director General (Extension) Dr. Qurban Hussain 042-99201117-8
Fax: 042-99201132
Director LSTC Bahadurnagar Okara Dr. Tasneem Akhtar 044-2661393
Director Planning & Evaluation, Lahore Dr. Qurban Hussain 042-99201125
Directorate Livestock Farms, Lahore Dr. Abdul Rehman 042-99201126
Director Breed Improvement, Lahore Dr. Abdul Rehman 042-99201109
Fax: 99204017
Director Communication & Extension, Lahore Dr. Asrar Hussain 042-99201120
Fax: 36367940
Director Veterinary Research Institute, Lahore Dr. Muhammad Iqbal 042-99220140-1
Fax: 99220142
Director Poultry Research Institute, Rawalpindi Dr. Abdul Rehman 051-9290162
Director LPRI Bahadurnagar Okara Dr. Ijaz Ahmad Ghorsi 044-2661393
Fax: 2661275
Director BLPRI Kherimorat Attock Dr. Saleem Niazi 057-2213422
Director RCCSC, Jhang Dr. Muhammad Khalid Farooq 047-9200329-30
Director Livestock Bahawalpur, Division Bahawalpur Dr. Shabbir Shahid   062-9255356
Director Livestock Dera Ghazi Khan, Division Dera Ghazi Khan Dr. Ashraf Anjum   064-9260277
Director Livestock Faisalabad, Division Faisalabad Dr. Muhammad Munir Ahmed Shami   041-9200823
Director Livestock Gujranwala, Division Gujranwala Dr. Ghulam Muhammad Gill   055-9239056
Director Livestock Lahore, Division Lahore Dr. Asrar Hussain Ch   042-99201120
Director Livestock Multan, Division Multan Dr. Mansoor Ahmed   061-9210417
Director Livestock Rawalpindi, Division Rawalpindi Dr. Ghulam Hussain Bhutta   051-9292190
Director Livestock Sahiwal, Division Sahiwal Dr. Shahid Sajjid Asghar    
Director Livestock Sarghoda, Division Sargodha Dr. Allah Dewaya Khan    
Project Director Diagnostic Lab Dr. Malik Muhammad Nawaz 042-99201116
Fax: 99200711
Add. Director Foot & Mouth Disease Research Center Dr Rashid Muneer 042-37167007
Registrar Punjab Breading Services Authority Lahore Dr. Suleman Asif Sahi   042-9201149
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